Adobe launches web focused edge family (article summary)

Adobe recently launched a web-focused edge family: Animate, Reflow, Code, Inspect, Web Fonts and more

Wes D recently posted about Adobe's web fonts tool, but there are more tools in the toolbox.

Adobe Animate: A motion and interaction design tool which lets you create flash style animations that are built using HTML, JS and CSS.

Edge Code: A code editor for the modern web.

Edge Inspect: a tool that let's web designers preview sites across mobile devices. It makes it easy to view changes without dealing with multiple devices.

Edge Reflow: a Web design tool that lets you create responsive layouts with CSS - due to be released end of this year.

Edge Web Fonts

Typekit: Adobe's web typography service

PhoneGap Build: cloud service created with open source PhoneGap utility which packages mobile apps built with HTML, CSS and JS into native apps.