Leading Productive Meetings (Spoolcast summary)


Spoolcast summary: Kevin Hoffman – Leading Productive Meetings

An introduction into a day long workshop at the upcoming UI conference.

Kevin Hoffman offers some interesting insights into the "design of a meeting" and how to run an effective meeting.

Some highlights:
Forget your company hierarchy - everyone should be on a level playing field at the meeting. You shouldn't worry about the boss' opinion or your subordinate's. Everyone should be able to speak up and contribute equally.

Keep meetings short - most things can be decided in 7-10 minutes. If you limit the discussion to 7 minutes, it increases the thoughtfulness of discussion. [Kelly - reminds me of coming up with a Twitter post when you have to grab attention in 144 characters or less...]

Have a collaborative meeting space which is different from discussing something at your desk with someone or in a meeting space. The collaborative space is void of laptops and computers and instead has collaborative tools like post-its and white boards.