Responsive Design Is Not (Just) A Design Or Development Problem (summary)

Responsive Design Is Not (Just) A Design Or Development Problem

These are notes that were the basis of a recent talk by Andy Clarke at the Smashing Conference. He spoke about:
1) Responsive design is not (just) a design or development problem;
2) The client participation process is broken;
3) How to call your client an idiot, to their face.

He purports that the traditional workflow no longer works for a responsive design process. Static PSDs can't effectively communicate the touch, feel and "atmosphere" of a website. They can't illustrate web fonts, how a site will render across different browsers and devices, or animation. He proposes that we abandon the static visuals and demonstrate interactive designs made using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

He also recommends getting the client involved much sooner and much more regularly in the design process using a controlled feedback approach.

There are some very interesting points raised in this article about how to eliminate much of the frustration our designers, project managers, and developers  encounter in our projects.