Beware of the Kohana cache

Quite a few issues have arisen on a project during launch and since that can be attributed to the use of Kohana server caching.

This caching will frustrate a user who is trying to update something in the CMS admin and because they are always viewing a server cached version, they never see the updates on the front end. As a result, caching is turning the page into a static as opposed to a dynamic one.

So, beware of this when working on Kohana sites. Careful consideration needs to be given to the implementation and use and benefit of server caching on a case by case basis. The only use that I personally have identified as benefiting from server caching is a for a search where the data is not dynamically updated. 

Of course, if caching is determined to be useful on a site, there needs to be cache deletion triggered any time the CMS user updates a record.