Chrome REST plugins

In my current project, we are using RESTful resource controllers to supply data to the front end JS framework to power much of the site. Testing RESTful calls can be challenging if the JS is not solid or not yet written in the case where there is parallel front and back end development. I have tested a few Chrome extensions:

This is the one I have settled on and use. It has an clear interface and keeps a history so you can easily re-run HTTP requests after making code adjustments. It provides a lot of useful response data. You can also set up contexts which allow you to reuse an HTTP request definition across multiple domains - useful for testing on your dev environment and then staging or production.

REST Console
I tried this one but liked DHC more. It seems to have recently been updated so there may have been some improvements.

Postman REST Client
Similar to REST Console, I tried it but didn't like it as much as DHC.

These can all be found in the Google Chrome Web store and are easily installed in Chrome.